With the evolution of technology, securing the information is has become a real challenge. While the specialists are developing evolved solutions for securing and encrypting the communication channels, there are always appearing new ways of eluding the systems.You simply cannot encrypt all of the world, and the IT ecosystem is always expanding. It is expected that by 2020 the devices connected in the world will reach 50B (66% mobile).

The security threat landscape keeps evolving. If in the past the threats were mostly worms, viruses spam and phishing, now they have evolved as targeted attacks, spoofing and ransomware which encrypts your data with an irreversible key, and ask for an amount of money to provide it to you . There are now command and control malware that encrypts the communication channel and steals your data without you even knowing it.


Today, 85% of intrusions are’t discovered for weeks, 54% aren’t discovered for months.

“Most people realize that there are only 2 types of companies: those that have been breached and know it, and those that have been breached and don’t”

– Kevin Mitnik, the world’s most famous hacker


The solution provides complete security and visibility during all of the stages of an attack:

Before – Discover threats and enforce security policies
During – Detect, block and defend against attacks
After – Remediate breaches and prevent future attacks

Next Generation Firewall provides integrated threat protection across the network, gains visibility into users, apps, devices threats, data and vulnerabilities. It also reduces administrative complexity through solution consolidations.
The solution incorporates firewall, Identity based policy control, application visibility and control, URL filtering, NGIPS (Next generation Intrusion Prevention System), DDoS,Advanced Malware Protection, Security Intelligence, Geolocation filtering, DNS filtering, Vulnerability scan, etc