Cisco UCS is an integrated computing infrastructure with embedded management that automates and accelerates deployment of all your applications, including virtualization and cloud computing, scale-out and bare-metal workloads, and in-memory analytics, as well as edge computing that supports remote and branch locations and massive amounts of data from the Internet of Things (IoT).


As it recognizes new components added to the system, it places new server resources in pools that simplify the allocation and sharing of resources, allowing you to more rapidly move new servers into production and increase overall resource utilization. It incorporates a simplified architecture that eliminates the need to have different network architecture for each application so that you now can scale without having to reevaluate whether your network resources are sufficient. It makes physical servers and virtual machines equivalent so that both can be managed with equivalent levels of visibility and control.


Cisco UCS is the first truly unified data center platform that combines industry-standard, x86-architecture servers with networking and storage access into a single system. The system is intelligent infrastructure that is automatically configured through integrated, model-based management to simplify and accelerate deployment of all your applications.




Bringing Automation to Information Technology

Cisco UCS is intelligent infrastructure that is self-aware and self-integrating. The system is built from the beginning so that every aspect of server identity, personality, and connectivity is abstracted and can be applied through software. With Cisco UCS, servers are configured automatically, eliminating the manual, time-consuming, error-prone assembly of components into systems.