Today’s networks are all about mobility, wireless is now a must in the office. The number of mobile devices has exploded in the past years, with prediction to reach 33B devices by 2020.

The lack of wires lowers the cost for the cabling and the number of active switching equipment, while providing almost the same speed as the wire. All of the devices in a wireless environment use a bandwidth that is free, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. Free means that everyone sees all of the networks, and can sniff traffic, as the band  is free to use.

If for the wired network the attacker must have physical access to your network or building, this is not the case with wireless. Someone can steal data without even being in the building.That is way is very important that the wireless network must be very well secured, so that nobody can access you data without even knowing it.

Being a free bandwidth it also means that the wifi band can be congested, that other networks or businesses use the same bandwidth as you, and than the network is not performing as it should. It is not against the law for any company to use any band of the free ones, so it becomes very challenging to ensure that the wifi network perform as it should.


Every user now has a personal smartphone that brings to the office, that the IT staff does not have access to it or that does not manage. How do you ensure that it is secured?
An unsecured smartphone connected to your network can compromise your whole network. We have now entered a new era, an era of Internet of Things, an era where every device is connected to the Internet, where every device is just a door in front of an attacker.


We provide complete MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that can wipe a mobile device in case of theft. We support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and ensure that the personal devices never connects to the business network, we provide a dedicated Guest network for them.

We design, deploy an manage wireless networks from small deployments to hounded or thousands of users, built with both security and scale in mind. We provide indoor, outdoor or warehouse wireless systems with full roaming capabilities, enabling users to move through the building while remaining connected to the network, increasing availability and lowering costs needed to provide cabling in areas that are not easily accessible.
We can provide wireless security integrated with Active Directory services providing access to the network based on user/computer Active Directory membership.