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Firewall and UTM Protection

Advanced Firewall protection solutions configured by an award-winning team with Information Security Expert certifications. So that your organization doesn’t incur money loss and reputational damage as a result of cyberattacks.



With the evolution of technology, information security has become a real challenge for companies. As specialists develop advanced solutions for securing and encrypting communication channels, new ways of avoiding protections are constantly emerging.


Using the technology offered by Firewall, you can protect your company from cyberattacks and prevent security breaches that leave open doors to IT networks for hackers. Imagine what could happen if cybercriminals managed to access your data.


Don’t risk:

Compromising the company image

Financial losses

Business interruptions

Data destruction

Intellectual theft

What is the purpose of a Firewall


The purpose of a Firewall is to protect your information by restricting access to resources. It monitors and inspects traffic entering and leaving the company, according to specific rules. Restricting access to data is based on the source or destination of the traffic or on the user accessing the information.

Configured by Magnetic IT Services, the Firewall solution truly protects you

However, purchasing firewall equipment is not enough to obtain the necessary protection. It must be sized and configured by a competent team that can understand the full range of cyber threats.


An incorrectly configured firewall only means wasted money. It does not protect the business in any way, it can even hinder or prevent access to valid resources.




  • Data transfer visibility: You will be able to easily monitor how the internet is used in your company in order to make optimizations according to your needs.
  • Protects your company image: You do not risk an attacker denigrating the organization’s identity by taking control of computers or the computer network, or by publicly exposing sensitive information.
  • Secures data access: Only those authorized will have access to company data.
  • Provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) access: Your teams will be able to work remotely, from anywhere, without compromising company security.
  • Improves service availability: A firewall can prioritize the use of the Internet and important business activities. When loading or when the internet speed is slow, it automatically prioritizes data traffic and what is vital for the organization remains functional.
  • Reduces downtime: Without a firewall, attackers could shut down your network at any time. Restarting and retrieving stored data takes time and money, and is not always possible.


What is Next Generation Firewall or Unified Threat Management


Unified Threat Management (UTM) or Next Generation Firewall are names given to a firewall with advanced traffic inspection capabilities. A UTM firewall gives companies superior control over the apps they can recognize, restrict, or access, depending on the situation.

Next Generation Firewall uses several components that scan traffic in real time and enforce restrictions in several ways:


  • Application Control – May restrict the operation of certain applications. For example, it may restrict user access to social networks or Netflix.
  • Intrusion Prevention System – Protects the network against cyberattacks outside the company.
  • Web Filtering – May restrict user access to certain websites or certain categories of websites.
  • Antivirus protection – Traffic is scanned for antivirus and blocked before it reaches users’ devices.
  • Data Leak Prevention – Protects against unauthorized data leaks inside the company.
  • Denial of Service (DOS) – Provides protection against attacks that attempt to overload a service with unnecessary requirements.
  • Antispam Protection – Protects your company from spam emails.
  • Zero Day Attack Protection – Protects against recent attacks by being notified by a network that monitors global attacks.