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Private Cloud

We host your company’s applications and data in a dedicated space, so that they can be accessed instantly, at any time, under maximum cybersecurity conditions and at predictable costs.

Your company manages an increasing number of sensitive applications and amount of data covered by the GDPR legislation, you have a presentation website or even an online hosting store, and your employees work remotely. Moreover, you know that you have to prepare for the unforeseen, by implementing a business continuity plan. You would like a solution that solves all these challenges with minimal initial investment, predictable subsequent costs, under maximum cyber security conditions.


Magnetic IT Services’ private cloud hosting solutions are suitable for any business, regardless of industry or number of employees. In exchange for a monthly subscription, your services are constantly available, your company data is protected against cybercriminals, and your teams are free from a lot of time-consuming tasks. Our service is available immediately and saves you from investing in infrastructure and licensing.

Secure Privare Cloud

Break the limits. The company activities become easier to manage



Many companies under development or with fluctuations in their activity set their goal of streamlining the activity of their sales and marketing departments. They want centralized business solutions or workflows that are transparent and easier to manage. They also feel the need to be better prepared for the unexpected. However, they fail to progress, fearing high costs and the resources involved.


Hosting cloud services helps companies push their limits and increase profitability. This is because they don’t need to make additional investments in hardware, software, or to ensure data or utility redundancy.


In addition, with the private cloud solution, no other company can access your data. The information in a private cloud is differentiated for each customer, and the cloud provider contractually undertakes that your data remains confidential.

IT services available any time. Increased security. Lower costs

Infinite storage capacity

For the first time in Romania, we implemented a 100% Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution in a private cloud in Romania. It allows you to avoid any problems when the volume of data that your company needs to store frequently fluctuates or increases too fast.

Subscription-based payment, with additional services included

We also included backup and VPN services to your location in your monthly subscription. The monthly cost is fixed, regardless of the loading and of the traffic volume generated. You will be able to access the services you need without investing time and money in purchasing new equipment, upgrades and related installation, configuration and security services.

Increased data security

The data backup is also stored in a secondary location, the Disaster Recovery plan being very simple to implement. Our private cloud solution completely isolates your company resources from others, using the same cloud. Moreover, our engineers have prestigious international certifications in cybersecurity.

Instant, uninterrupted access to resources

You can use our private cloud solution right away. You no longer need licenses or investments in the IT infrastructure. In addition, the company employees will have access to information much more easily, through the connectivity and availability of cloud services.

How a private cloud supports your business



Private cloud is a cloud computing model designed to be used by a single organization. It offers the benefits of a public cloud, but it is hosted in a data center or through a third-party provider. The private cloud is known for its reliability, scalability, and security. Moreover, it fully isolates your company resources from others which use the same cloud.


A private cloud can be built specifically to meet the needs of your business. Therefore, it is often the business choice for hosting applications and IT infrastructure that can be easily accessed through a secure, dedicated internet connection or through Virtual Private Network (VPN).




  • Enhanced security – Your important data such as know-how, financial statements, or customer information is secured in a private cloud. In such a network, each organization has access only to its own distinct set of resources. In addition, the Magnetic IT Services team secures your resources through a complex firewall solution, dedicated leased lines, or internal hosting.
  • Increased performance – You will have much faster access to resources and you will no longer have to deal with interruptions in activity. Because the private cloud solution involves dedicated hardware, the performance of the load volume for your cloud services will never be affected by another company running resource tasks on a shared server.
  • Flexibility – No need to adapt your processes or buy new technology when your business grows. In a private cloud, you can configure the network as it best suits you.
  • Full control over resources – A private cloud gives you total control over your system and increased security through dedicated hardware and infrastructure, used exclusively by your company.
  • Predictable costs – With a private cloud, your company costs are the same, every month, regardless of the load and generated traffic volume.


The support you need for your modern apps and equipment. The Azure Stack solution



Azure Stack is Microsoft’s private cloud solution that works as an extension of the Microsoft Azure public cloud. The solution perfectly suits the need of companies to stay in line with the provisions of the GDPR. It also offers the same features as the public version, but the performance is improved and the costs are predictable.


Microsoft Azure provides the assuredness of full control over how you manage data administration, security, and performance, because the data is stored locally in a Data Center in Romania. The benefits of the Azure Stack platform are translated into an integrated system, designed specifically for working in the private cloud.


At the same time, the solution offered by Microsoft has the advantage of cost predictability. The connectivity cost is fixed, it does not depend on consumption, as in the public version of Microsoft Azure.

Here’s what you get with the Azure Stack solution:


  • Reduce the transfer of on-paper information
  • Reduce costs, which become predictable
  • You get support for modern apps and equipment
  • You have a good management of apps and devices
  • Remain GDPR compliant.
  • You have full control over how you manage, secure, and perform cloud performance