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VPN Solutions for Teleworking

Connect your company with teleworking employees, without compromising on security, via VPN solutions implemented by IT engineers with advanced technical expertise.



The start of the year 2020 brought a change in the way employees work, and the teleworking concept has expanded. Companies have had to find and implement IT solutions such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) overnight, so that users could access their resources remotely. By March 2020, the number of employees using the VPN service was already growing by 160% per week.


However, the transition to the teleworking model increases the vulnerability of organizations to cyberattacks of any kind. A configured VPN is not enough to protect a company’s data. It must be properly secured with advanced encryption methods.

What is a VPN


The term Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure tunnel that connects two or more networks. This tunnel can be made in several ways: some types of VPNs use encryption to secure traffic, others do not.


An example of an unencrypted VPN is Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), used by telecom providers.


The MPLS tunnel guarantees to the company that the traffic is secure and no one can reach its protected network, using a smart way to isolate one company’s traffic from the other, through the provider’s internal network.

Why use a VPN solution


If properly secured, a VPN is a teleworking solution that benefits both companies and employees:


  • Protect users by securing their connection: The data of those using a VPN tunnel will not be intercepted.
  • It allows secure access to company resources: No unauthorized person will be able to access your company’s network.
  • It provides full control over the accessed resources: You will be able to limit access to resources and data, according to your preferences.
  • Visibility over the accessed resources: You will be able to easily monitor the volume of employed resources, for better cost management and accurate needs assessment.


How to connect to a VPN


Whether you are concerned about the productivity of remote work teams, or the organization has several offices that need to be connected, there are optimal options for each.

Remote Access VPN


It is a solution that you can implement to give employees the opportunity to perform teleworking, easily accessing the company resources.


Once Magnetic IT Services experts set up the VPN, your teams will be able to access the data and resources for which they have permission, by logging in with a username and password or certificate.


For added security, it is also possible to request a two-step authentication, with username/password and a token generated at the time of login.

Remote Access VPN

Depending on how you use it, Remote Access VPN can be of several types:


All traffic is sent through the VPN tunnel

Only traffic to the company network is sent through the VPN tunnel

Only traffic to a particular application is sent through the VPN tunnel

Site-to-site VPN


It is used to secure access between two or more fixed points, between business places or offices of the same company or between separate organizations.

Site-to-Site VPN

Why a VPN solution administered by us would help you


A configured VPN is not enough to protect your company. The VPN tunnel opens a gateway to your organization’s data. Therefore, it should only be allowed from the company’s devices and secured correctly, with the most advanced encryption methods possible.


High technical expertise is needed in the area of IT Security for the organization to take advantage of a VPN solution, without becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Echipa noastră are experiență în zona de administrare pe toată plajă de tehnologii de VPN.

VPN types:


  • Leased line/Dark fiber

  • OpenVPN
  • FlexVPN
  • SD-WAN