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Infrastructure Migration

We migrate your IT infrastructure in cloud or in a virtualized environment, without interruptions in the activity and data loss, so that employees may work more efficiently and the company may reduce its costs.



The decision to migrate your company’s IT infrastructure fully or partially to another physical, cloud, or virtualized environment often comes with uncertainties about the effects of the migration process. You need everything to run smoothly, without losing data. Moreover, the solution should reduce your costs, not increase them.


That is why you need a team of IT engineers with proven experience and skills to make sure your migration runs smoothly. Also, in the case of cloud migration, an accurate assessment of the current infrastructure is needed, which should be molded to fit the specific infrastructure in the cloud. In most cases, if the service is migrated identically to the cloud, the costs will increase.

We have the expertise and technology to perform any type of migration:


  • Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V): It involves converting and migrating a physical server or computer to a virtual machine (VM).
  • ­Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migration: It involves migrating a virtual machine from one hypervisor to another or migrating to another virtualization environment.
  • ­Physical to Physical Migration (P2P): It involves migrating services from one physical server to another. This may mean migrating services to a new infrastructure.

Migrare Infrastructura



  • You will pay less for more: If done correctly, migrating the infrastructure to the cloud or virtualized environment reduces costs.
  • You will use your computing resources more efficiently: The migration of IT infrastructure supports the resource optimization process.
  • It will be easier for you to protect your data in case of unforeseen events: Migration facilitates the Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Employees will be able to work more easily individually or in teams, wherever they are, from any device: Once you migrate your resources to the cloud, flexibility increases.



Migrate your IT infrastructure wherever you think is right. We are your travel partners


No matter what your IT infrastructure looks like now and what you would like it to offer you in the future, with Magnetic IT Services the migration process will be predictable, with no downtime and no data loss. In addition, we provide all the necessary assistance even after the process itself is successfully completed. We make sure that you get the most out of migrating to the new environment and that everything works within optimal parameters, 24/7.

From on-premise to the public cloud, without any risks. Our plan for a successful migration



Extensive technical expertise is needed to migrate services to the public cloud for the right environment setting, sizing, and migration. A well-developed plan is needed for the cloud solution to work properly.

  • We analyze the existing infrastructure
  • We identify the applications that will be migrated
  • We identify the related services

  • We create the service and communication flowchart
  • We establish the new architecture
  • We advise you on managing cloud resources
  • We scale cloud resources
  • We configure the communications channel to the cloud
  • We predefine migration services
  • We set up the maintenance window

  • We migrate your services to the cloud
  • We set up the related services
  • We synchronize the data
  • We test the solution
  • We test user acceptance

  • We manage cloud resources
  • We monitor the infrastructure 24/7
  • We manage resources