We learn, test and innovate so that the IT solution we will offer you tomorrow will be more valuable than the one we offer today. We don’t wish to be easy, we wish to be better.

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Helpdesk | IT Support

Provide users with a remote support desk to solve their IT problems effortlessly. We respond within a guaranteed time period, of less than 10 minutes, 24/7, and we intervene remotely, as well as in your location.



The efficiency of your organization largely depends on the productivity of employees, and their performance is intrinsically linked to the optimal operation of the workstations and peripherals they use.


Being left without IT support when problems arise generates confusion, wasted time, frustration, decreased productivity. It is equally difficult to act late when measures are ineffective or only work over a short term. Your employees need technical IT support from certified, efficient engineers who have demonstrated that they can minimize downtime.


With Magnetic IT Services, you don’t have to worry about your business being left without IT support. Workstation users, often non-technical people, will no longer make dozens of phone calls and emails to find the person who can solve their problem. Nor will they spend hours waiting to use their computer, servers, applications, or printer.

All the IT support you need, 24/7, one email, chat, or phone call away



Our customer support service is available 24/7, via a simple phone call, email, or through our support application. All you have to do is contact us.


And sometimes not even that much is necessary. Our proactive monitoring system will let us know if you have a problem, which we will solve before you know it exists. This way, users of your company’s IT equipment can run their business seamlessly.

Create optimal conditions for employees to be more productive



A constantly changing world to which they need to adapt, goals to be achieved, new tasks, deadlines. There is no room in the employees’ schedule for the frustration generated by the non-functional workstations or by waiting for the IT staff, which has its own goals to achieve.

With us you will acquire the following benefits:


  • Asset Inventory – We remotely record and monitor all existing assets on users’ workstations.
  • Permanent availability – Our team is one chat, one email or one phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Full support – From Microsoft to Linux and Mac, we provide support for any type of IT infrastructure.

Ticketing application

We solve every situation reported by users via a ticketing app. Thus, for any IT issue, as a Magnetic IT Services customer, you can automatically open a ticket via an e-mail to our support department.

Remote IT support

In order to solve your problems remotely, our IT specialists will connect to your company network through a secure connection. You will be able to watch, in real time, on your own monitor, how the Magnetic IT Services specialist solves the situation. The connection will be made with the explicit consent of the users, in compliance with the GDPR data privacy standard.

Onsite IT support, nationwide

Magnetic IT Services Helpdesk also offers the possibility of Onsite interventions, when incidents cannot be solved remotely. Our Onsite team, made up of over 50 IT specialists, is present nationwide. It is ready to intervene within a guaranteed time two-hour period, in Bucharest, and in 3 h | 6h | Next business day | Second business day in the country.

Proactive monitoring

Our proactive monitoring system will detect even the problems whose effects you have not yet noticed. They will be registered by us as tickets and solved by the dedicated team. Moreover, the Onsite IT team will conduct a proactive visit in your location on a regular basis.

Customer portal

It will allow you to check, in real time, the status of each open request, to access the detailed history of the incidents reported by users in your company and the alerts coming directly as a ticket from the proactive monitoring system and solved by our dedicated team.

Monthly activity report

It will allow you to check the IT support you receive and validate that the response time to your requests is as in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This is not the remote IT support service you are used to



A proactive IT support service adds value to your business. The experience and skills of a certified team can make the difference when you are concerned about the quality of the IT service you receive.


Here are the statistics for Magnetic IT Services’ Remote Assistance service compared to the industry average:


Average call response time
Average response time to e-mail requests
Average ticket resolution time
Industry Helpdesk Average 28 seconds 2 h and 30 min 8h and 40 min
Average recorded in the Magnetic IT Services Helpdesk 4.7 seconds 5 minutes 1h and 29 min

A service on which you can rely. We respond, whatever happens



The team of IT experts with whom you collaborate should support your organization 24/7 in achieving the goals you established.


We guarantee acting as soon as possible. Incident response and resolution takes place as indicated in the ITIL service catalog – an international standard that indicates the average resolution time for 170 types of incidents.

Cost optimization

Increased employee productivity due to the skills of the dedicated support team.

24/7 IT support

Provided by a specialized technical team, with numerous international IT certifications and a vast knowledge base, guaranteed through dedicated Remote & Onsite teams.

Full resolution of any IT issues

Solving most of your problems from the first phone call or email. We have proven experience in managing over 7,000 workstations of national and international clients.

Service adapted to needs existing on the market

Flexibility and adaptability to your needs.

Guaranteed response time

We will respond to your notifications in less than 10 minutes.

Real-time ticket status check

You can always check what happens to your company's requests.

Managing relationships with third party suppliers

We deal with the supplier relationship.

Lack of recurring problems

Our technical support department analyzes common incidents and always applies the necessary corrections to eliminate their causes. Moreover, they solve problems by understanding the root cause, not just the effects.
Here are 15 other elements that help us deliver IT quality support services every time

  • IT specialists who solve incidents at excellence level and who find their motivation in helping people;
  • Proactive communication, so you always know what’s next;
  • Specialized teams in specific industries. Your employees will always interact with an IT specialist who is acquainted with your company and the industry in which it operates;
  • Online assistance and intervention services – immediate service restoration in case of emergency, technical assistance and guidance, operational assistance, technical documentation;
  • Diagnosis to try to solve the problem by phone or to prepare the Onsite intervention;
  • IT specialists dedicated exclusively to ticket registration, prioritization and scheduling, so that the needs of your company’s employees are always properly managed;
  • A team that is constantly innovating ways to provide better IT support. We encourage any feedback – with us, you can always find someone to talk to.
  • We automatically apply software updates and patches outside business hours;
  • Chat, remote control, knowledge bases, know-how instruction. Through these communication and support tools, we assist users in their daily mission. Interacting with us is quick and easy.
  • Installing software outside end-users’ working hours;
  • Quick Dispatch team that coordinates the IT specialists’ on-site activities. This way, we make sure that they reach you in the allotted time to perform scheduled tasks or fix hardware issues;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Monthly activity report with tickets opened by users. Each intervention is logged;
  • Single-Point-of-Contact for customer requests;
  • ZeroDay IT Security, a suite of integrated cyber security services, specially created by the Magnetic IT Services team to fully cover the security needs of SMEs.