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Penetration Testing

We test the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of all digital assets in your company. We offer you the necessary support to be able to face even the strongest hacker attacks.



In any industry, unauthorized access to company resources and customer data is a major issue that cannot be ignored. Especially in compliance-based industries such as finance, healthcare and legal services, you can never be too careful about digital assets and confidential information.


The best way to eliminate IT security vulnerabilities in your company is to think like the cybercriminals who would exploit them. And this can only be done properly by certified cybersecurity experts, through penetration testing, also called pen test or ethical hacking.


The Magnetic IT Services team includes engineers with prestigious certifications in cybersecurity. They will simulate the fact that your network, servers, applications, devices, business operations, and your team are victims of cyber threats similar to those in the real world. They will be able to tell you how to protect yourself.



How vulnerable is your company to a cyberattack ?


The main objective of a pen testing (penetration testing) is to identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s security strategy. From experience, we know that, although a security policy may focus on preventing and detecting an attack on systems, it may not include a strategy to limit the damage caused by a hacker. The test reveals the weaknesses of the company security policies.

Following the pen testing performed by Magnetic IT Services experts, you will know exactly:



  • to what extent your company’s security policy supports the maintenance and development of your company.
  • how serious your security breaches are.
  • how aware your company’s employees are of security issues that may arise at any time.
  • how prepared the organization is to identify and respond to security incidents.

Penetration Testing

Your computer network may become impenetrable


Penetration testing is the practical solution for testing a computer system, a network, or a web app to detect any security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

The performance of a Pentest project can be automated with software applications or it can be done manually, depending on the context and infrastructure, and it involves:


Collecting target information before testing

Identifying vulnerabilities

Validation and subsequent reporting of vulnerabilities

Medium Vulnerabilities


High Vulnerabilities


Critical Vulnerabilities

Exterior penetration testing


Exterior penetration testing is performed from the perspective of an external attacker in order to gain unauthorized access to valuable digital assets and to extract confidential data.



Interior penetration testing


Interior penetration testing is performed from the perspective of untrained, careless, malicious employees or from the perspective of an attacker who may have access to a computer in your company. The purpose is to assess the risk posed by insiders behind your company’s firewall.


It is a special concern of medium and large companies or of those who have been victims of phishing schemes. Oftentimes, testing procedures will include both internal and external methods, which means that our team of auditors will perform operations both remotely and from your company headquarters.

The test can be performed in the following ways:


  • blind: Auditors know very little about the company.
  • double blind: This is an advanced version of the blind test.
  • as a targeted mutual effort: It refers to a decision that will be made by our experts based on several factors, including your specific concerns.

The road to effective security policies. Find out what you are missing and what to invest in first



Once the testing is complete, you will receive a detailed report in which each issue is presented systemically, with a focus on the high-risk vulnerabilities that should be a priority. Magnetic IT Services engineers will explain in detail the methodology and results of each test phase, along with remedial recommendations.



You will thus have the necessary feedback to be able to determine which are the priority investments in IT security. Moreover, your developers will know how to create more secure applications. If they understand how hackers have entered the applications they developed, it will be easier for them to improve their security know-how. In the future, the apps they create will be more secure.

Device Frame

Constantly assess the weaknesses of cyber security protocols


We recommend that you test your security policies regularly – ideally once a year – to ensure consistency in network security. Pen testing can also be performed whenever the company:


  • adds new equipment or apps to the infrastructure
  • makes significant upgrades or changes to your applications or infrastructure
  • opens new business places
  • incurs changes in security policies, etc.

If you feel the need to validate with a team of cybersecurity experts that your company security policies are compliant or you have recently been the victim of a form of cyberattack, we can help you reach the security protocol that guarantees your protection.