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Microsoft Office 365

All the services you need for your Microsoft 365 package to be easily used by your company’s employees. We provide the migration of services to the Microsoft 365 platform and the necessary post-migration support.



Designed by Microsoft to provide companies with office services and applications that increase employee productivity, the Microsoft 365 package can only be fully exploited if you choose the one that suits you and you have a team of IT specialists who can properly migrate your services to the platform.



What is Microsoft Office 365?


The Microsoft 365 package is a cloud platform that offers Microsoft services and applications in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. Microsoft 365 includes common Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as cloud services such as Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and the Microsoft Teams collaboration solution. All of these services are available with a single unified account, providing an integrated experience.



Microsoft Office 365

  • You will have immediate access to your Microsoft 365 apps and services
  • You can access your resources anytime, 24/7, from anywhere and from any device
  • You can pay the monthly or annual subscription
  • Pay-as-you-grow
  • It’s easy to use
  • Get rid of unsolicited emails with Antispam protection included
  • The company network remains secure. To access the Cloud platform, you can use the two-step authentication
  • Single Sign-On – You can access programs and apps through a single sign-on. Microsoft 365 allows integration with the local Active Directory

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Finding and implementing effective solutions that promptly respond to all of these challenges should not take long or put pressure on employees.


With Magnetic IT Services you make the most of the resources in the Microsoft 365 package, in three easy steps.


Purchase the Office 365 package that suits you
We provide the necessary advice for purchasing the package that is the most suitable for your company. We offer the possibility to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

Migrating services to Office 365
The effective migration of email services to the Cloud is a quick procedure. However, it involves the completion of a well-defined plan, based on an accurate analysis of the current situation. The goal is not to miss any important emails and to avoid stopping the email service.

Support after migrating to Office 365
Once you’ve successfully completed your migration, all you need to do is make sure your organization is using Office 365 resources to their full potential. It takes the assistance of a team of specialists for everything to go smoothly..


Make the most of the Microsoft 365 benefits. You have all the support you need


Therefore, the first step in the migration project is to analyze the existing e-mail solution, the current flow and routing of e-mails. This step allows you to fully detail your current email path, the authentication process and antispam filters, group analysis, as well as mailbox size.

The design of the migration plan follows, taking into account the potential alternatives.


The migration can be conducted:


It is a hybrid solution which assumes that only certain mailboxes are migrated to Exchange 365.

Depending on the chosen solution, whether hybrid or fully in the cloud, the flow of emails changes and the emails are routed accordingly, so that they always reach the recipient correctly.


It is very important that users do not lose emails from the period before migrating to Office 365, and that the migration of the email solution is transparent. Working with Magnetic IT Services, the entire process of migrating the e-mail service to the Cloud will be coordinated by a project manager, who will also have the role of Single-Point-Of-Contact for the project.



What the migration of your email solution to Microsoft 365 Cloud involves


Throughout the process of migrating services to the Cloud, but also after that, Magnetic IT Services engineers coordinated by the project manager will make sure that all procedures are followed.


Specifically, migrating the e-mail solution to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud involves:

  • Analysis of existing infrastructure
  • Email group analysis
  • Shared mailbox analysis
  • Email client analysis
  • Antispam filter analysis
  • Analysis of applications that use the e-mail service

  • Determining the architecture – hybrid or fully in the cloud
  • Selecting users/mailboxes to migrate
  • Office 365 subscription/plan purchase consulting
  • Email flow chart, email routing
  • Predefining the services to change

  • Account creation
  • Assigning the license according to the selected plans
  • Integration and authentication with the local Active Directory
  • Configuring the on-premise e-mail server flow
  • Configuring the Office 365 email flow
  • Migrating emails to Office 365
  • Email client setup, also for mobile phones
  • Setting up antispam filter in Office 365
  • DNS service configuration
  • Configuring SMTP Relay

After migration, Magnetic IT Services will handle:

Microsoft 365 resource management

Microsoft 365 addresses management

Microsoft 365 license monitoring

User and email group management

Antispam filter management

Multi-factor Authentication management