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IT Audit

Take the first step towards a computer network that withstands the strongest cyber threats, through an IT audit performed by CISA and OSCP certified engineers.



The global context in which the number of cyber security incidents is gradually developing and affecting national and international organizations of all sizes requires companies to assess their own level of security and invest in security solutions. Cyber threats are no longer a matter of strict information technology, but of the entire organization. The impact of an attack is experienced financially, operationally and in terms of reputation, and the first step towards security is to discover existing vulnerabilities through an IT audit.


An IT security audit is the assessment of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. The audit process determines whether the IT procedures protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity, and align with the company’s overall objectives. IT auditing is part of our annual procedure for our client portfolio, so we have hands-on experience in hundreds of IT audits.

What does an IT audit entail?



At Magnetic IT Services, companies are audited by CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) or OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certified specialists.

CISA is an Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) certification that demonstrates excellence in IT systems, control and security auditing, while OSPC, an Offensive Security certification, is among the most acknowledged and respected in the industry.


The audit process performed by Magnetic IT Services’ team of certified specialists also complies with internationally recognized cyber security standards and procedures. Based on these, we build a security profile for each audited infrastructure.


We analyze security areas, general network security management, data security, access control to applications and information, cryptographic measures, backup solutions, management of technical vulnerabilities and the risk of penetration from outside and inside.


The length of the audit depends on the size of the infrastructure and it is carried out both on the client’s premises and remotely.

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How an IT audit helps you



An IT security audit is a valuable tool for organizations that have not documented or want to reassess internal and external IT risks, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure exposure to cyberattacks. It is an important step in eliminating the risk of significant data or financial loss caused by cyberattacks.



The most important benefits of an IT audit include the following:

  • Protection against the risk of unauthorized access to the network from outside
  • Data protection considered important for business
  • Increasing the availability of IT infrastructure and, implicitly, the company’s productivity

  • Continuity of IT service in unforeseen circumstances
  • Protecting the company image
  • Aligning internal processes with quality standards in the IT industry