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Public Cloud

We manage your public cloud resources and secure them properly, so that the company teams may access them instantly, from anywhere. Benefit from predictable costs, depending on how much you use.



If the organization is constantly looking for solutions to better serve its end customers, to operate more efficiently and to reduce costs, the public cloud services offered by giants such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google can be a solution. They can solve everything, from the simple issue of managing your e-mail service, providing the necessary platforms for application development or refining your offer, to using machine learning and predictive analytics. Moreover, the public cloud can support your business on the matter of GDPR compliance, it can host data, is generally more secure than on-premise solutions, and helps implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans.

The public cloud provides access to an unlimited number of global and scalable services, available and easily accessible from anywhere.


When properly managed and secured, public cloud resources allow you to always be one step ahead of the competition, to respond promptly to the needs of end customers and to keep your costs under control. Otherwise, the company risks data security, increased costs and difficult access to its own resources.


The Magnetic IT Services team has the skills to properly manage and secure your cloud resources, so that the organization may accelerate its growth, as a result of the digital transformation.

public cloud platforms

Migrate. Transform. Grow. How we can help you take advantage of public cloud services



Given the general characteristics of the public cloud, the role of Magnetic IT Services as a cloud provider is to manage and maintain the company’s applications, to perform security updates, backup cloud-hosted data, and secure access to your company network. We guarantee that your company data will always be secure.


  • The data can be stored in multiple Data Centers in the Cloud
  • We secure your resources through encrypted connections
  • We provide 24/7/365 technical support
  • We have a team of IT engineers with the most prestigious international certifications
  • We guarantee a 99.999% SLA. The hardware infrastructure on which the public cloud service is hosted is redundant, with data available at all times.
  • We guarantee the availability of data in the event of a natural disaster
  • We offer predictable costs, based on the pay-as-you-use principle

You have access to global resources, from anywhere. The solution for your changing needs



A public cloud is a cloud service provided by a service provider to several companies. The public cloud uses the same infrastructure, which is logically shared for each client. The service is offered over a public infrastructure – the internet, the resources being accessible from anywhere, anytime and to anyone.


Your company no longer needs to invest large amounts in IT infrastructure. It uses cloud infrastructure and provides cost reductions, since you solely pay for the purchased resources.

Your resources are available immediately and can be resized as needed. Computing and processing resources can be delivered instantly, allowing for the effective testing of applications in different modes of operation.

Cloud resources are available from anywhere, using a simple internet connection.

The services can be accessed simultaneously from several locations around the world. You will access your nearest cloud provider’s location, thus reducing your time to access resources.

Amazon Web Services

With a wide range of tools that continue to grow exponentially, Amazon’s capabilities are immeasurable. Amazon Web Services (AWS) have always focused on the public cloud area.




  • Tools designed for the management and developers
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Storage and database solutions
  • Application integration
  • Computing power

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an exceptionally capable cloud infrastructure that seamlessly integrates cloud services with your existing IT environment. Few companies have experience in the corporate area like Microsoft, and this can be seen in their cloud product.




  • Big Data and predictive analytics
  • App and game development
  • Blockchain technologies
  • DevOps
  • IoT (Internet of Things) integration

Google Cloud

Google’s cloud platform does not focus on companies, but the technical expertise is thorough and the tools for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analysis benefit from the experience of the market leader in the field.




  • Data and storage management
  • App development
  • Business Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for Server Message Block (SMB)
  • Management tools for productivity and loading