Reduced Costs

By outsourcing with us organisations typically reduce costs by up to 30% while having professional IT Services

Increased Productivity

Your organization will be able to lower its costs and focus on its core competencies, being able to take advantage of opportunities more quickly

Reduce Risk

We help you to reduce business risk by investing in services not technologies. No longer invest in
no-future technologies

24/7/365 Monitoring

We can foresee serious issues with your IT environment and can fix them before downtime occurs

IT Support

Your core business relies on the IT infrastructure to power it fast. This is where professional IT support is required. If your technology fails, the effects on your business can be catastrophic; but IT support is about prevention and compliance as well as solving problems when they arise.In addition, businesses attain higher flexibility by means of IT support, which allows them to make higher profits.

  • Professional IT support for your organization, helping your employees to avoid delays in the activities they perform
  • Increase productivity by offering them a professional IT support team, helping them to concentrate on the tasks they need to perform
  • On-site or remote assistance to help you power your business and increase revenue by having only the services you need

Server administration

Server availability and uptime is critical to your business. It is very important that you have services and application up and running. Any form of unplanned application downtime is toxic to business success regardless of the role that particular application plays within the business.

  • Install, configure and maintain physical and virtual environment
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Linux Server Administration

Email Services

Email become the most important communication method inside organization and inter-organizations. It is vital that this business component must be secured and protected against threats and phishing attacks, otherwise it can cause significant losses, both financial and data.

  • Email administration
  • Antispam Services
  • Email Security Gateway

Real-time monitoring

We know solve most of the problems before they arise, through continuous monitoring of the systems. This minimizes the risk of a failed service or application, and provides historical data that can be correlated to show if there is a pattern in problems that can arise.

  • Critical devices monitoring
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Back-in-time visibility

Data Protection and Backup

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions will help have a copy of your critical data in case of hardware or software failure. It also offers protection against ransomware and keeps a copy on a dedicated system.

  • Backup of company data
  • File version history and quick restore
  • Image backup with bare-metal recovery
  • Disaster recovery for minimal downtime
  • Backup of email, cloud and web services
  • Backup of laptops and desktops