We learn, test and innovate so that the IT solution we will offer you tomorrow will be more valuable than the one we offer today. We don’t wish to be easy, we wish to be better.

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Technology Training

Entry Level to Expert training that your IT department needs to be more productive, effectively using technologies such as VMware, Linux, Red Hat, Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, or Juniper.



As technology advances, it is important that employees know how to make the most of the solutions that the company invests in or needs to adopt. In addition, by training teams, companies are one step ahead of the competition, productivity and skills increase, employees become more responsible and more easily integrated into the organization that helped them evolve.


Often, however, there is not enough time, employees are reluctant to change, or the opportunity to participate in training sessions organized by professionals is not evaluated correctly.


Magnetic IT Services trainers have developed all the qualities needed to transfer to your employees the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to implement any project quickly and correctly.

We are engineers and consultants with decades of practical experience, during which time we have tested, innovated and implemented technologies in projects for renowned organizations.


Therefore, we can offer trainings focused on technologies such as VMware, Linux, Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, with an authentic practical approach for the Romanian market.

Most courses are customized according to the area and level of expertise of the participants, from Entry Level to Expert, and include laboratories and hands-on scenarios for a complete transfer of information. It is a service we created out of a passion for technology and a desire to support companies in adopting it.


Company benefits:


  • Productivity growth: Your team will complete more tasks in less time. Employees who have the necessary skills complete their projects faster, they come up with innovative ideas, develop new strategies, and have better results.
  • Improved efficiency: The company will be able to create more with the same resources available. Because the team works better and the projects are completed sooner, fewer resources will be needed.
  • Rapid adoption of new technologies: Because your team will be trained and will benefit from the technical and practical experience of Magnetic IT Services trainers, the reluctance to the new will disappear, and the company will be able to quickly adopt the new technologies it needs to grow.
  • Quick team training: We designed the training sessions so that the transfer of information and experience can be performed over a short period of time.
  • Cost reductions: Properly trained employees spend less time diagnosing problems and more time on productive tasks.
  • Higher team confidence: Employees who are confident in their abilities are better. When people know how to do their job efficiently, they are much happier in their position, which reduces staff turnover.
  • Competitive advantage: Companies that can use all their solutions effectively outperform those that strive to understand the basics. When you use the latest technologies, you save time and money on new, innovative projects.