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24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

We monitor the company servers and apps, 24/7, so that they may be available at any time. We solve technical issues before they have any impact on the activities of your employees and customers.



Your company servers and the apps running in that environment are at the core of your business. They must operate without interruption within certain parameters, so that the company activities and interaction with customers may be carried out without any discontinuities. Otherwise, employees may have problems with e-mail service, peripherals, access to applications or databases, and the company website may become inaccessible. A malfunctioning IT infrastructure can cause bottlenecks. However, issues can be anticipated before they affect your business!


With Magnetic IT Services’ IT infrastructure monitoring service, your team and customers will be able to use the technology you’ve invested in at any time. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) monitors the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure 24/7, so that any issues may be detected in a timely manner and solved before repercussions occur. With us, you get in-depth insights into key performance indicators of email servers, web servers, virtual servers, database servers, and more. Moreover, our experts will remedy your problems within a guaranteed time period.



Magnetic IT Services covers:


  • 24/7 Server Monitoring – to keep your business email, website, computers, and peripherals running smoothly

We monitor the performance of the operating system and services such as CPU load, RAM, Disk and network, HTTP server, DNS server, FTP server, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, e-mail services, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web service, including those within a private network.

  • Virtual infrastructure monitoring – for the services used by employees and customers to work optimally

We monitor the Hypervisor (Vmware, Proxmox, Hyper-V, Docker) and the loading of virtual machines that are part of the infrastructure. A simple basic monitoring cannot reveal any virtual infrastructure loads.


  • Monitoring security updates – for permanent protection against hackers

By monitoring security updates, you always know when updates are available. Thus, the company remains safe from cyberattacks.


  • Web Performance Monitoring – so that your business website can be easily accessed at any time

We monitor the performance of HTTP/HTTPS services, website loading time, databases, database response times, Disk I/O, and alert you to the expiration date of the web domain.

Device Frame

  • Cloud monitoring – employees will have quick access to cloud applications, and the company will be able to optimize costs more easily

Migrating servers and applications to the cloud does not automatically mean that they will work optimally. There is still a need to monitor the services and performance of cloud-hosted applications. What’s more, an oversized cloud service can cause application problems, and an oversized cloud service can incur additional costs. Without well-developed monitoring, you won’t be able to optimize costs in the cloud.


  • Network monitoring – the company activity will be uninterrupted

We monitor routing protocols, uplink ports, wireless users, HA (High Availability), Stacking or VPC services, and the loading of data networking equipment. Network services must be uninterrupted so that business in the company does not stop.


  • Application Performance Monitoring – for enhanced application performance and the correct sizing of resources

By actively monitoring the applications and services on which these applications depend, we will always know what is not working in the optimal parameters and affects the performance of the company applications. In addition, we keep track of your performance to help you resize your resources and estimate your upgrade costs.


  • Real-time User Monitoring – find out exactly what resources each employee needs

We actively monitor user loads and the resources they access.