We learn, test and innovate so that the IT solution we will offer you tomorrow will be more valuable than the one we offer today. We don’t wish to be easy, we wish to be better.

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About Us

We are your IT partners. Inventors. Perfectionists.

Magnetic IT Services is the complete IT service provider that releases you from the stress of managing IT equipment and helps you grow your business fast, using the latest technology. We are the engineers with prestigious international certifications, who support your internal teams for success, and the professionals who solve your IT problems, 24/7.

Who we are



We are the result of a dream. Passionate about the architecture and design of computer networks, but also about cybersecurity, the founder of Magnetic IT Services, Georgian Dumitrache, is among the few Romanians holding a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification – acknowledged as the most prestigious IT certification in the world.


He wanted to bring to light the areas in which he specialized. He wanted to prove to the entrepreneurs that they generate infinitely more value than they would have imagined.


And, since 2018, his dream has come true. Magnetic IT Services arose as a result of a second opinion consulting project for an international company which made Georgian realize that he needs and is able to provide better IT services to companies.


  • We are here to provide extended periods of calm to your organization, without any IT incidents.
  • To help you get the most out of your true potential.
  • To find solutions to problems that others have not been able to solve.

Georgian Dumitrache | Magnetic IT Services

We set off with great passion and maintained the effort, together with an entrepreneurial culture, centered around an emphasis on innovation, always guided by values such as integrity, quality, trust, curiosity and reinvention.


We have proven expertise in delivering highly complex IT services and solutions and we believe we are the most competent team in Romania to deliver IT services to the highest quality and security standards. Because we provide services for some of the largest companies in the world, we understand both the potential and the responsibility to positively influence our IT services, customers, and specialists. Each team member is focused on delivering excellent, high-performance service, focused on continuous improvement.

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We are

For long periods without any IT incidents. We assess our experience in projects, not in years.



  • We are the only Romanian IT Outsourcing company that holds the most prestigious IT certification in the world.
  • We implemented the first Data Center infrastructure that uses the Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology from Cisco in Romania.
  • In 2020, we implemented the first 100% Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution in a private cloud in Romania. It is the latest storage technology, also used by Google in cloud.
  • Over 100 companies from Romania and abroad have trusted our integrated services.
  • Over 7500 employees in 8 industries can work more easily and safely thanks to the IT outsourcing services we offer.
  • Multiple Penetration Testing projects for the world leader in digital security.
  • Each member of our team is provided with over 100 hours of training annually.
  • Over 30 certifications on separate technologies.