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GDPR and Data Protection

We are a “one stop IT shop” for any company that wants to technically implement the GDPR Regulation.

Your company receives, stores and transfers personal data of EU citizens every day, and, since 2018, you are under the obligation to constantly monitor how this information is handled.


Following the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your organization has a responsibility to keep this data safe and to remain in full control over it. It must take action on cybersecurity and follow various procedures when processing data by automated means.


This can only be done if you have systems and equipment capable of detecting security breaches in your computer network. At the same time, the latter should react promptly and appropriately in the event of a cyberattack.


Otherwise, you risk fines of up to 4% of your company’s annual turnover.

GDPR si Protectia Datelor

Compliance with GDPR involves specific activities, i.e. time that your IT team can use more efficiently working on the company’s development projects. In addition, you must have the appropriate technical equipment.


Magnetic IT Services has both state-of-the-art technical solutions and a team of engineers with international certifications able to successfully implement the solution that suits you. We comply with the best practices developed by international forums in the field, so that you are prepared for any control.


  • We assist you in conducting the Data Protection and Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • We create the design and ensure the implementation of a secure and flexible IT infrastructure so that you have full and permanent control over your data.
  • We offer consulting and database management
  • We provide maintenance and support


How to remain compliant with the GDPR provisions



From an IT point of view, complying with the GDPR law means taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal data is processed in a way that ensures adequate security. In addition, data must be protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.


Magnetic IT Services is designed to cover the full range of needs a company may have in the GDPR compliance process. By following the steps we have proposed, you will be able to successfully deal with any inspection.


  • The personal data you manage will be protected by design – The protection of personal data must be a goal from the earliest stages of any project. When designing a computer system for storing or accessing data, implementing a data sharing solution, or planning to use your data for new purposes, you should consider GDPR.
  • You will have full control over access to databases– Personal data must not be accessible to anyone and in any way. IT systems must be configured to allow users to be filtered according to previously established criteria.
  • Your data will always be secure – Maintaining a high level of cyber security will prevent theft and/or destruction of your personal data.
  • Personal data will be processed in accordance with the law – Measures are needed to prevent the accidental loss, destruction or damage of such data, but also to stop its unauthorized or illegal processing.
  • You will have a plan for access to personal data– Even in an emergency, such as a natural disaster, personal data must remain available to the company.
  • You will be able to control the transfer of databases – Database export must be performed under maximum security.
  • You will be able to respond to and manage any type of incident– The company must have a plan for responding to security incidents and be able to restore the availability of personal data, as soon as possible, in the event of an incident.
  • You will have a regular evaluation of the effectiveness of the procedures and technical solutions used – The measures implemented for the protection of personal data must be regularly tested and evaluated.