We learn, test and innovate so that the IT solution we will offer you tomorrow will be more valuable than the one we offer today. We don’t wish to be easy, we wish to be better.

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Systems Integrator

We integrate software, systems, and data so that users in your company can control everything from a single screen.



With the rapid growth of cloud applications and new technologies, the need for system integrators has emerged, the solution by which companies can create the perfect connectivity among software, systems, and data.


The system integrator thus helps you to expand your business and connect digitally in a secure way. You can achieve your goals more easily, and your operations become more cost-effective and efficient over time. Basically, you gain speed in use and efficiency in interpreting information. In addition, you will see everything on one screen, which will help you when you need to make important decisions.

Simple and efficient. Control everything through the application and infrastructure integration solution



Does your company use multiple computer systems and processes running simultaneously? Employees probably also spend a lot of time learning how each new tool works. The more there are, the more difficult it is for them to know all their features.

The integration of apps and infrastructure will allow your company users to work from a single system. Any change can be made from a single workstation screen, everything being much simpler and more efficient.

This will reduce the training hours required for employees, they will be able to quickly use all the advantages of the integrated system and will acquire in-depth knowledge of it more easily.

integrator de sisteme

In addition, because data will not have to be exported, imported or replicated to other work systems, human errors are less likely to occur. This will give you more accurate and reliable data.

We simplify. We optimize. We integrate. Your work processes can be much simpler



Identifying the ideal solution that fits the needs of your business is one of the biggest challenges. That is why, at Magnetic IT, we work with our partners to simplify, optimize and integrate systems, and to improve work processes.


Your goal of streamlining your business by integrating IT systems will be achieved by:


  • reducing the number of existing obsolete systems,
  • implementing the latest technologies that we integrate with the existing ones,
  • increasing the automation level, simplifying the workflow.

Nothing is too complicated for us. Count on high-level expertise and innovative technologies



Our expertise in Security, IT Infrastructure, Cloud and Data Center solutions and services helps us build complex projects. For example, we integrate IT systems using innovative technologies such as the first Data Center with a Software Defined Networking technology in Romania.


In addition, the partnership with software development leaders allows us to successfully cover and deliver the most complicated projects.


With us you will acquire the following benefits:


  • Certified engineers’ expertise
  • Strict implementation methodology
  • Documentation and testing
  • Reducing the risks posed by changing systems
  • High-quality services
  • Single-Point-of-Contact for all suppliers or partners
  • Project management
  • Simplified system administration